Monday, August 27, 2012

Loomed Hat Instructions

Join us in a simple project to bring warmth and joy to the hearts and heads of people in need. We will be making hats on simple looms. They will be given to children and adults who need to stay warm this winter. This delightful craft is easy to learn and enjoyable to do! Loomed hats are a cozy way to brighten and warm the lives of those who receive them. 

Loomed Hat Instructions

To thread hat ring: Make a slipknot about 4 inches from end of yarn, place over thumb tack or outside peg. Pull yarn to the inside of loom and wrap around first peg to the right, going around the peg in a clockwise motion. OR wrap to the left, counterclockwise, if desired. Do not wrap too tightly! Wrap each peg around the loom. Continue wrapping until you have two (2) rows of double yarn wrapped around each peg. Place working yarn around thumb tack or peg as well. (Or hold the working yarn in place with your fingers while you work the last peg you just wrapped.)

Work the yarn: 
With the hook, pick up the bottom yarn and lift up over top yarn and off the peg. Continue around the ring. You now have one row completed. Unwrap the working yarn from the tack and start wrapping each peg again. This time once around the loom gives you two (2) rows of yarn to work. Hook the lower yarn; lift up over the top yarn and off the peg. After working 3-4 rows you can taking the beginning slip knot off the tack or peg and let it hang loose on the inside of the hat loom.

Infant: (23 peg loom)
Work hat to 4 1/2”

Child: (31 peg loom)
Work hat to 3” fold for Brim then work until hat is 5”.

Youth/Women: (36 peg loom)
Work hat to 4” fold for Brim; then work until hat is 7”

(41 peg loom)
Work hat to 5” fold for Brim; then work until hat is 8”.

You may make a hat without a brim—simply let bottom of hat curl up. Finishing hat length is the same with the curl acting as a brim.

To make the brim: After working hat to needed length (see above), reach inside the loom and pick up the first row of stitches. Find the first stitch of the first row and place it over the first peg, wrong sides will be together. Tuck the starting yarn inside the fold and continue to match up each stitch from the first row, placing it over a peg. This gives you two (2) yarn rows on each peg again. Lift the lower yarn up over the upper yarn and off, forming the brim.

Continue the hat as before, wrapping the pegs and lifting the lower yarn up over the upper yarn and off the pegs, until desired length is reached.

Taking off loom:  Using a needles with about 16” of yarn—as your hook—go up through the yarn on first peg; lift the yarn off the peg and onto the string by pulling the yarn through the loop. Continue gathering the yarn from each peg onto the needles and yarn until the hat is off the loom. Turn the hat inside out and gather the top of the hat together. Secure with square knots of yarn, securing the beginning string with the knots as well. Clip the threads about 1”.

For printable instructions, click here.

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