Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Pillow Instructions

Scatter sunshine by making a Happy Pillow kit for a child in the hospital or in a crisis situation. You can spread joy and love with this soft and smiling pillow friend.

Happy Pillow Kit Assembly Instructions

  1. Take one Happy Pillow packet from the center of the table. Remove the two large folded squares. Open one square and set the other on your lap.
  2. Fold square in half with center edges touching.
  3. Place PINK HALF-CIRCLE PATTERN ON TOP WITH STRAIGHT EDGE ON FOLD. Tug or gently pull if pattern is not on fleece.
  1. Before cutting, be sure the straight edge is even on the fold and the round top edge is all on the fleece.
  2. Trace shape with marking pencil. Then cut along the outside edge of the pattern. Set circle aside.
  3. Repeat Phase 1 with second square from your lap. You should have two 23” circles.

  1. Place the two circles on top of each other. Lay flat on the table.
  2. Match the outside edges. Tug or gently pull if necessary to match evenly.
  3. With edges even, place PIE PATTERN on top of circles with the center point in the middle. Rounded edge of pie pattern should be 1” shy of outside edge of circle.
  4. Following 1” markings on pie pattern, snip small cuts at each 1” mark, always keeping pie pattern 1” from the edge.
  5. Shift pie pattern around the entire circle continuing to snip at 1” markings.
  6. Remove pie pattern from circle.
  7. With circle edges even and snip markings made, place scissors at each 1” marking and cut in 3” deep to make the fringe. Be careful to keep both circles together!  (HINT: Scissors should wide open (completely extended) to get your 3” cut!)
  8. When finished, fold circles in half and place back in bag. 

Each Happy Pillow needs to have the following face pieces:
1 Tooth                             White            
1 Mouth                           Black

1 Small Eye                     White
2 Pupils                            Black

1 Medium Eye               White
2 Eyebrows                     Black

1 Large Layered Eye    White
1 Nose                              Yellow

1 Large Single Eye        White
7 Warts                             Blue

1 Heart                              Red (not shown, goes inside the pillow)                                

1.   On the center of the table, take a pattern. 
2.   Trace and cut out each of the face pieces.  
3.   After all the face pieces are cut, place in the small ziploc bag. Double check to make sure you haven’t missed any pieces! There should be 19 pieces.
4.   Place the small Ziploc bag with the felt face pieces inside the bag with the fleece circles along with a copy of the “Make a Happy Pillow” instructions (below) for the child to complete the pillow.

Instructions to include in each Happy Pillow kit for children to assemble their own Happy Pillow

Make a Happy Pillow!

Your kit should include:

2 large fleece circles for pillow         
4 white felt circles for eyes
2 pupils for eyes         
2 eyebrows
1 nose                         
1 mouth
7 blue felt circles      
1 red heart

What you need:
1 bag of batting and fabric glue

To Assemble: 
1. Take the 2 large fringed fleece circles and put one on top of the other, matching up cut fringe as best you can. 
2. Take a piece of fringe from the bottom layer and a piece of fringe from the top.
Note: Don’t take the one directly below it, choose the one just to the left and tie them into a knot (this will help you avoid having big holes for your batting to escape.  Continue tying knots 1/2–3/4 around the circle.
3. Now take the fluffy white stuff (batting) and stuff the pillow.
4. Take a red heart and hold it in your hand, close your eyes, make a wish, and then put it inside your pillow with the batting.
5. Once all the batting is in the pillow, finish tying all the knots.
6. Use the glue to stick on your happy silly face.
7. Use your creativity and make some silly eyeballs.  There are 4 white round circles and some black pupils.  It’s fun to layer 3 circles on top of each other. Glue down the large white circle, then the medium one on top, then the smaller one!  You can look at the picture for ideas.   
8.  Use the other face pieces to glue and complete your happy pillow.
9. Laugh and smile with your new happy pillow!

For printable instructions, click here.