Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Felt Backpack Instructions

Help a young child get a jump start on learning with these handmade felt backpacks. They are designed to spark the imaginations of our youngest learners.

Felt Backpack Instructions

Helpful Hints
  • Please try to hide knots between the layers of felt so the knots do not show on the outside. 
  • Use a ¼ inch running stitch throughout the project unless otherwise noted.

Running Stitch
  • A running stitch is a series of short, even stitches with short, even spaces between them.
  •  Begin by weaving the point of needle in and out of the fabric, catching all fabric layers, two or three times along the stitching line; then pull the needle and thread through the fabric.  Repeat.      

Whip Stitch
  • Put two pieces of fabric together with the right sides facing out.  Insert the needle between the two fabrics and poke your needle through the top fabric.  This will place your knot between the two layers of fabric.  
  •  Next insert the needle through the bottom layer of fabric.  
  •  Angle the needle so that it comes out the top layer next to the first stitch and pull tight. Repeat so that the stitches on the outside look straight. Usually four to five stitches. 


1. Top Flap
Fold top flap over to just above top slits for arm strap. Sew across edge, up side, across top and down both sides.

2.  Looped Handle Hanger
Fold in half lengthwise and sew down both sides. Make a loop, and overlapping ends, sew together.

On the top back of the pack between the straps and on the seam across where the fold is, center the loop about 5 inches from each side.  Anchor the loop to the pack sewing a small rectangle.
3.   Arm Straps
Putting two colors together, thread the strap through the slits in the back of the pack body.  
Slightly over-lap strap ends and sew together. Roll strap through slits to bring seam to inside of pack. Sew straps together and fasten to pack by straight stitching along both edges of each strap, and continuing around to complete both sides of each strap.

Sew slits: Anchor straps and slits by straight stitching slits to straps, thereby closing the slits .

Note: We found it easier to stitch across one slit, then, push your needle through, turning pack over, and stitching the slit on the other side before going on to the next set of slits.

Anchor the straps more securely by sewing bottom of strap about 1 inch past bottom slit, and about 1/4 inch above top slits.

4.  Circle Embellishment
To find placement for embellishment, fold bottom edge of pack to meet top flap, leaving approximately 1/4' gap.

Embellishment should be placed approximately 2 inches from bottom fold and centered, approximately 3 inches from each side.
After placement is made, unfold pack and sew embellishment in place.

5.   Pack Sides
Straight stitch bottom edge of pack, beginning on inside of pack.  Which when folded up will become the top of the pocket.

Fold bottom edge up to meet bottom of top flap leaving a 1/4 inch space for folding. Even up the sides and sew front and back of pack together.  Begin by starting at top of one side, reinforcing side corners of pack opening with Whip stitch to prevent tearing when in use. Stitch down side, across bottom fold, and up other side, (so that stitching is all around pack).  Again reinforcing other top corner with the Whip stitch.

For printable instructions, click here.

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