Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Infant Fleece Blanket Instructions

 These precious fleece blankets will be all the sweeter with your loving touch. The simple blanket stitch is used to finish these treasures for newborn babies born to underprivileged moms. You begin with fabric and thread and end with a cherished token of love and warmth.

Infant Fleece Blanket Instructions-How to Make a Blanket Stitch

To make the blanket stitch, working from LEFT to RIGHT, after securing thread at point A (outer edge), insert at point B (use about half an inch spacing and half an inch height), then with thread below the needle, come out at point C directly below.  Continue in this manner, noting that point C now becomes point A for the next stitch.  Be sure to keep the spacing even between stitches.  Pull snug, but not tight! 

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