Friday, August 10, 2012

Fairy Wand Instructions

“And they lived happily ever after” is a storybook ending, but it doesn’t always happen in real life. These “pretty in pink” wands can spark the imagination and help to bring joy to little girls who are in crisis.

Fairy Wand Instructions

(make 2)
1.     Place cotton string between two discs as pictured and hold discs as pictured with one hand. 
2.     Separate bundle of tulle and thread one of the strips of tulle from back to front around the two discs; holding the loose end with thumb. Thread the tulle from back to front repeatedly until all tulle is on the disc.
3.     Place the scissors between the discs and cut the tulle all the way around.  (Do not cut the string!)
4.     Pull the discs apart about 1”. 
5.     Use the string to tie the tulle in the middle tightly using a double knot.  Trim the string to ¼ “.
6.     Repeat the instructions above to make another Pom Pom. 

1.     Take the SILVER AND COLORED ribbons and make a half knot around your finger tip leaving a piece of ribbon about 1 1/4 “ extending as shown.  Take it off your finger.
2.    Thread the WHITE BEADED RIBBON through the hole to its half way point so it hangs  evenly.                                              
3.     Slide RIBBONS onto the END OF THE DOWEL. This will give you four tendrils.
4.  Put a dab of hot glue inside the knot.
     Cinch the knot tight about ½ “ from the top of the dowel.

1.     Hold the string knot in one hand and grab the bulk of the pompom in the other hand leaving a dome of tulle exposed.
2.     Put about a nickel size amount of glue on the exposed “dome” of tulle.
3.     Place the dowel on the glue.  The top of the dowel is about 3/8 “ above the knot.  Hold in place until GLUE IS SET.
4.     Repeat these steps for the second pom pom.  

1.   Slightly bend the butterfly wings
2.   Apply glue to the backside of the body of the butterfly
3.   Press the butterfly firmly onto the tulle

For printable instructions, click here.

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