Thursday, August 16, 2012

Keepsake Envelope Instructions

Losing a newborn child is heartbreaking for any family. Keepsake envelopes are stitched on soft felt and given to grieving families at the hospital to carry home all their paperwork and documents when they leave. This sweet, handmade token can help bring comfort during a time of grief.

Keepsake Envelope Instructions

1. Thread the needle with the floss from the colored stick.

2. Tie a knot in one end of the floss.  Do not tie both ends of the floss together.

3. Insert needle in the inside top corner of the flap between the 2 pieces of felt so the knot will not show from the outside.  Stitch around flap and down opposite side.  The floss should be started with needle entering the seam around the outside edge of the envelope. 

Once the flap has been stitched, rethread needle as needed and continue the buttonhole stitch until entire envelope has blanket stitching around the outside edges.  Always end the stitching with the knot on the inside

 Important Notes!

When adding more floss, start with the knot on the inside between the two felt edges entering where last stitch stopped.  This will keep the knots from showing and continue the uninterrupted flow of the stitch around the entire envelope.

After the stitching is finished, add the embellishments.  Layer the circle or heart cut outs on top of each other going from smallest to biggest.  Place the button in the center, and using the floss, sew the circle or heart embellishment on the black dot on the front center of flap.

For printable instructions, click here

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