Monday, August 13, 2012

Courage Cape Instructions

These capes will be going to little boys who are going through difficult or traumatic
situations, who are in need of a little extra courage.  Have fun and do your best work.
The secret ingredient is love, so add plenty. 

 Courage Cape Instructions
  • Cut thread into lengths of about 36” (this will be easier to handle than longer lengths).
  • Tie a knot at one end of the thread.  Start between the layers of fabric to hide the knot.
  • Take one stitch backwards before starting the running stitch (running stitch - - - - - - ).
  • When you are close to the end of your thread, take a stitch back and tie a knot between the fabric.

1.      Center the yellow star on the red shield and pin it in place.  Using yellow thread, sew the star onto the shield, using a running stitch, sewing close to edge of star.  When finished, remove all pins.

2.      Pin the shield 6" from the top and centered onto the front (shiny side) of the blue cape.  To find the center, fold cape in half.  With red thread sew the shield onto cape, using running stitch.  When finished, remove pins.

3. Use the blue thread to make a 1/4" running stitch hem around the sides and bottom of the cape.

4.      Form a casing (large hem) by folding the top of the cape down 1 ¼” opposite the side with the shield and star, stitching close to the edge.  (Be sure to start and finish with a back stitch to reinforce the stitching.)

5.    Pin a large safety pin to the fuzzy end of the neck strap (ribbon with velcro sewn on each side).  The rough side should be face up on the left and the fuzzy side should be face down on the right.  Pull the neck strap through the casing, gathering the cape onto the neck strap.  Be careful not to pull the end into the casing.

6.      Adjust the cape on the neck strap.  The left side should be pulled a bit past the velcro and the right side should have about an 8” strap.  Sew through the cape and the neck strap at both ends with several large stitches to hold cape in place on the neck strap.

7.     Double check to make sure no pins are left in the cape.

For printable instructions, click here.

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